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The European Virgin Remy hair is the best in the industry


The European Virgin Remy hair is the best in the industry


You will be surprised that human hair is one of the most exported things in the world. In today’s times of stress, innumerable people have hair loss issues. The environmental pollution is also a major reason for the hair loss in individuals. People undergoing chemotherapy etc lose clumps of hair during the treatment process. Men can live with the hair loss whereas women naturally find it impossible to do so for obvious reasons. The best solution to this issue is the use of virgin hair extensions. Let us see what we mean by virgin hair and what its characteristics are.

What is virgin hair?

In simple terms, virgin hair is unprocessed hair. When we use the word ‘unprocessed’, we mean that this hair is not subject to any kind of artificial chemical treatment to preserve or manufacture it. This is natural hair, as natural as you find it on a woman’s head. The hair is healthy to the core with no split ends or broken cuticles. The hair has a unidirectional flow.

The most intriguing fact of virgin hair is that each bundle comes from a single donor. This brings a sense of uniformity to the virgin hair extensions.

Is it possible to have such hair?

The virgin hair seems like a dream. In fact, it is perfectly possible to have such hair. Many countries such as Brazil, Peru, etc hire women to grow such virgin hair. This is a profession of sorts for these women. They have to maintain the purity of their hair by not subjecting it to any kind of treatment to shampoos and other harsh chemicals.

In India, the virgin hair distributors need not resort to such measures at all. The rural women in India never use shampoos on their hair. They take natural care of their hair. In addition, the Indian women belonging to the Hindu religion have a custom of donating their hair at temples all over India. The hair distributors collect the virgin hair from such religious places.

Before we discuss the different types of virgin hair extensions, we should have an idea about the process of procuring the virgin hair. As detailed above, the hair distributors hire women to grow perfectly healthy hair. There is a special method of harvesting this hair. The women let the hair grow into ponytails. On becoming long enough, they cut off the entire ponytail. The reason for doing this is to ensure that the cuticles grow in a single direction. This process discourages shedding and tangling of the hair. After cutting the hair, the distributors maintain the virgin nature of the hair by disinfecting them and drawing it into either single or double drawn welts. They ship the hair in bundles all over the world. This virgin hair becomes the base for the manufacturing of European Virgin Remy Hair extensions.

The different kinds of virgin hair:

Indian virgin hair:

The Indian virgin hair is the most popular and best-selling virgin hair type in the world. This hair can blend with any kind of hair. The Indian hair is unusually long, lustrous, and shiny black in color. The majority of Indian women do not shampoo their hair much. Hence, you get natural virgin hair

People who love to have long hair extensions prefer to have the Indian virgin hair. The Indian hair is smooth and silky in nature. Forming curls is also easy with the Indian hair. The Indian hair has many good qualities. However, Indian hair has a minor handicap. It can get frizzy in wet weather. Hence, the person using Indian hair extensions should avoid exposing the hair extensions to wet weather.

Malaysian hair:

Malaysian hair is similar to the Indian hair in many respects. In fact, the majority of the hair donors in Malaysia have some sort of Indian origin. The Indian immigrant population in Malaysia is the major source of Malaysian hair. However, the Malaysian hair does not grow as long as the Indian hair does. Nevertheless, they have great demand in the international market because this hair does not become frizzy in wet weather. This hair has proved better than the Indian hair in this regard. In all other aspects, the Indian hair is superior.

Brazilian hair:

Brazilian hair is different altogether. This hair is short, coarse, and thick. The density of the Brazilian hair is more than any other type of hair in the market. Hence, you do not need much hair to complete one bundle. The Brazilian hair is best for forming curls.

The Mongolian hair:

The Brazilian hair is the favorite of the Afro-American community and the Caribbean people. The Chinese and the Japanese people prefer to have short hair. The Brazilian and Indian hair does not suit the Chinese and Japanese. They prefer to have some of their own ilk to donate hair for them. The Mongolian hair is perfect for such people.

The Burmese hair:

The Burmese hair is very much similar to the Indian hair in many respects. However, they lack in length. In these matters, they match the Mongolian hair. Thus, the Chinese and Japanese people who love to have the best of both the worlds prefer the Burmese hair.

Peruvian hair:

The Peruvian hair is very much similar to the Brazilian hair in many ways. They are short, coarse, and thick. They make the perfect hair extensions for the Caribbean population and people of African descent. They have natural curls and hence form some of the best curl extensions you can ever have.

European hair:

The people of Europe have blonde hair. The Asian hair does not suit their color. They prefer lighter hair. The European virgin hair suits them the best. The hair distributors procure this European hair from donors in Russia, Italy, Turkey, etc.

You have seen the various kinds of human hair extensions. All these hair extensions are very popular in different parts of the world. The virgin hair extensions are the perfect answer to the receding hairlines all around the world. Visiting the website european-virgin-hair can give you the answers to all such issues.





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