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European virgin human hair wigs


European virgin human hair wigs





Many people in the world have started using hair weaving as a concept of hair growth. This is not a new technique that’s been added to a long list of possibilities of having a fancy hairstyle. Hair weaving was present for a long time, just in different forms such as European virgin human hair wigs.



  • One of those forms was wigs. Stage actors have used them; women all around the globe also.Wigs were popular even among the politicians.


  • Mankind now moved on to a next stage, wigs are no longer made only to cover the parts where the hair is missing or to be used as an accessory. Wigs and hair weaving are now made to help the natural hair to grow back.




  • In the endless space of opportunities something will always be a better option than the other. In hair weaving space, Virgin Hair, human hair is always one step before anything else. Basic introduction to Virgin hair is that it represents hair weaving concept that brings nothing else but only the purest, natural and unprocessed hair.


  • Added to being natural and pure, the name itself can tell what Virgin Hair is. The way that Virgin Hair passed in order to get to consumer is long, but nothing less than extraordinary.



  • This path gives certain rules that need to be obligated in order for a product to be named Virgin Hair. Here are some of those rules:
  • The product must come from a single donor.
  • The product won’t be treated with any chemicals whatsoever (no dye, no coloring, no shampooing)
  • Hair cuticles on the product will be intact and it has to run in a single direction ( Remy hair)
  • The product cannot be under any influence of drugs or medicine
  • The donor will not blow-dry the hair.
  • Hair product has to be tangles free.
  • Virgin Hair consumers get a natural look, as the product itself is natural. Contrary to the natural look, there are other options that will be given to the public. There are hair wigs made with synthetic materials and animal hair. There are also wigs made with human hair collected from multiple donors.


  • When something is created with too many different ingredients it can often feel unnatural. On the other hand Virgin Hair blends into any type of hair style because there are donors from different parts of the world. Countries such as India, Brazil and Malaysia are leading countries when it comes to donating hair.




Companies, such as ZHIHUI Hair Product Co.,Ltd.  have made a “job“ a lot easier. They offer hair extensions and wigs that can be placedin a matterof minutes. Their methods of applying Virgin Hair wigs are:

  • Clip on method
  • Glue in method
  • Tape in method


They recommend using these methods for aperfect look without much work. And that’s really what you need. A product that is useful, doesn’t require a lot of work but it gives you that diva style.





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