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European virgin hair weft

European virgin hair weft

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What is weft hair?
European virgin hair weft is a lengthening of hair designed to make natural hair appear thicker and longer and is popular among young teens and young adults. Hair wefts can be made from both synthetic and human hair and can also be referred to as curtain hair. Weft hair is much different than other hair extensions, they are generally long strands of hair that are glued to the scalp. However, many wefts are straight, they can also be curly or wavy textures. Hair wefts are usually accessible in most lengths. If you opt for a human hair weft it may be straightened, colored, styled, curled and treated as real human hair. Synthetic weft hair may be treated alike but could break down and bring different results than expected such as discoloration.  There are two types of human hair wefts which are Machine-Weft and Hand-tied.

Hand-tied wefts
Hand-tied weft are thin and flexible than Machine-tied wefts. The weft is flat and this allows the hair extensions to set close to the head giving your hair a more natural loo. As your natural hair begins to grow the flexibility of the hand-tied wefts help to keep the weft from coming out from the undergrowth. Usually hand-tied wefts come in 24 inches in width, when they are sewn in they can be bent to fit the track. This weft is flexible and will not come out or cause lumps around the crown. Mini hand-tied wefts are yet another option found in Asianvirgin human hair. These wefts come in 8-10 inch with wefts that are sewn next to each other High quality wefts such as European virgin human hair wefts tend to last longer without shedding when they are sewn in by a professional.

Machine wefts
Machine weftsare much easier to use and can be found in most stores because they are the most commonly type used. Indian Remy hair made with a machine weft is soft and somewhat flexible. Machine weft hair also lasts a long time without shedding as well. The wefts are easier to sew in by a professional because you can begin on one end sew in the weft and cut it at the of the track.  There are also Machine wefts that can be clipped on or bonded to the scalp.

Skin weft hair extensions
Skin weft hair is ideal and without bumps when it’s completed. There is no need for clips or chemicals and is very fast to apply. They lay flat on your head and feel like your natural hair. Skin wefts are made with hand-knotted human hair on a very thin mono-mesh and work wonders for adding length and volume to your natural hairline. With skin wefts,you can do your full head and they give the illusion that its growing from the scalp, it is also very versatile which allows you to cut and place where you prefer. Skin weft hair is the latest in European virgin hair extensions and is the only type that can be sewn taped or glued into your hair or scalp that lays flat. You can use it in thinning and bald areas or anywhere you like. It is the latest creation in the hair extension industry and can also be attached daily or permanently attached. Individuals that have thin hair, are bald or those who have a full set of hair and are looking to add volume or length can wear them.
Why people wear wefts
Many people can useEuropean virgin hairweft extensions for long term or short term use. Most hair wefts will cover a small area of the scalp, and many people opt to buying 3, 4 or even 5 wefts to create a whole new look.Hair wefts and all types of weaves, wigs, and extensions have become very popular among average, common everyday people. Hair wefts look and feel great, gives you a chance to try a new look, are very flexible, are a great confidence booster, and make you feel like a whole new you.
Most people who use European virgin hair wefts prefer to purchase real human hair weft extensions. Quality hair wefts made of real human hair are known as Remy hair. Remy hair preserves its cuticle layer making it look more natural than synthetic hair. Hair wefts are usually sealed with a polyurethane coating.

Methods of wearing your hair weft
There are various methods used to hook on a hair weft to natural human weft. One of the most frequent methods is applying a special glue, however this can be a hazard as many glues contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. There are many methods to attaching your European virgin hair wefts, some of these include:
Sew-in method is when your natural hair is braided tightly to create a base to attach the weft
Clip-ins are hair weft that attached by clipping them to the scalp and come in different sizes to attach all around your head. This type of method is great for people that are looking for an instant and amazing look for a special occasion
Tip pieces can have a clip-in or micro beads to help keep them in place and work great on people wo are suffering from hair loss in the top front of the scalp. They will help add thickness and volume as well as camouflage the thinning of your hair.
Tape-ins are used for length and volume and requires a hot tool to heat up a strip of glue that is attached to the weft. It is attached in between your natural hair to keep in place.
Fusion wefts can be pricier and can take a few hours to apply. There are hot and cold fusions and are used as keratin individual bonds. People who wear these, like them because they add volume, length and require very little maintenance.
As you can see there is a range of virgin human hair too can choose from. Even though some of these extensions might be a bit pricey, it’s well worth it, because it makes you feel like a whole new you. If you would like more information log into http://www.virgin-european-hair.com/.

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