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what is European virgin hair clip in extensions price?


European virgin hair clip in extensions



European virgin hair clip-in extensions are the #1 choice for increasing your hair length, color and volume. There are many advantages to virgin hair extensions which is why most customers prefer them over any other extension. virgin hair clip-in extensions are a great option to getting a glamourous look within minutes. Some of these advantages include the following:

  • Easy to apply
  • They are temporary
  • Applying them is done in minutes
  • They come with a clip to avoid damage to your hair
  • Practical
  • Fast and easy hairstyles


How to apply clip-in extensions

Applying European virgin hair clip-in extensions is much easier than adding hair extensions which need to be glued on. If you are going for a natural look, choose a clip-in that compliments your natural hair color, if you are going for a trendy look it is suggested you choose an extension that is 2-3 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Once applying, part your hair and place the clip-ins one by one, once the first one is placed, press on the clip to attach it to the part just below. Continue adding the clip-ins one by one. You should always make sure there is at least a thin layer of your natural hair above each clip-in to bend and create a more natural look.


Using clip-in extensions

European virgin hair clip-in extensions are practical, comfortable and easy to use. When you purchase a clip-in extension you shouldalways make sure they complementyour hair color. It is highly recommended to stand in natural lighting when choosing you clip-in extension since artificial lighting can alter the color. Virgin hair clip-in extensions can be washed and curled just like your natural hair whereas artificial clip-in extensions cannot be heated. If you purchase long hair clip-in extensions, you must prep them so they can blend naturally with your natural hair unless you buy extensions that have already been cut and clipped. It is also recommended to curl your extension before clipping it to your natural hair and if you are planning to attach the extension yourself, it is also suggested that you seek professional help if you are adding straight European clip-in extensions. Adding straight virgin hair extensions tend to be problematic when attaching them yourself.


Clip-in recommendations

It is also suggested you keep your European virgin clip-in extensions clean so they look natural and blend to perfection. When making an investment such as this make sure you are aware of the pros and cons and how to keep it clean so it can last longer. If you would like more information about hair extensions, you can visit http://www.virgin-european-hair.com/.










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