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What You Didn’t Know About Virgin Hair Fantasy




What You Didn’t Know About Virgin Hair Fantasy

Most women tend to look for hair wigs to enhance the density appearance, and the length of their hair. But have you ever realized that the quality of hair wigs varies from one manufacturer to another? After all, some hair wig dealers are simply after money and rarely care about the customer satisfaction. However, this is not the case with Virgin European Hair.

Their Human Hair Wigs are well taken care of and are obtained straight from the donor to the buyer. Note that this company will only connect you and the hair donor. The famous Virgin Hair Fantasy Wig does not go through any chemical processing, dyes or coloration to enhance its natural look. The product is 100% natural, nothing more or less.


The most common Virgin Human Hair Fantasy is the Peruca Brazilian Body Wave Wig with a high volume and medium density. It takes color number 18. It has a customized hairline frontal lace that has not been bleached. It is harvested and packaged in its natural state.

The good thing about this wig is that it is easy to style by parting either through the middle or the sides. The wefts on the back are there to increase volume. With the Virgin European Hair’s Virgin Hair Fantasy, you can feel free to style it the way you want. It can withstand dyeing, straightening, and curling with the desired curling tools.

What to Expect

What you may not have known is that Virgin European start constructing your Virgin Hair Fantasy the moment you place an order. This is normally done within 48 hours within which the order cannot be canceled. The company’s specialists will ensure that your Virgin Hair Fantasy Wig is perfectly made according to the size of the cap, lace color you chose, and any specific style or preference that you may desire,

Once the company has taken care of all your specifications in details, you will allow them 5-7 business days to deliver the product at your doorstep. Virgin European Hair works only with Remy hair that is 100% Virgin Human hair. And just looking at it, you will realize that it has not been treated with chemicals nor does it fade. All the Virgin Human Hair Fantasy has all cuticles aligned and remains intact.

Permitted Styles

Virgin Human Hair Fantasy wig is versatile and can be used in almost any style that you can think of. You can flat iron your Virgin Human Hair Fantasy, create a body wave, straighten, or curl it the way you like. You can use your day to day grooming tools and products without the concern of melting or burning.


Virgin Hair Fantasy Wigs will retain their original styling after a wash just the same way your natural hair would. You should not be surprised that if you take proper care of Virgin Human Hair Fantasy Wig you will use for a period of within 9 to 24 months.


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