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Virgin hair growth pills


Virgin hair growth pills

As is common with most hair and beauty products, Virgin hair growth pills effectiveness seems to vary. Some will say it is the best product to use, others will insist that none of the said changes takes place.  The goal of Virgin hair growth pills is to stimulate faster hair growth and rejuvenate the scalp. Here is the catch, no standard time is given for indication of results or when should one stop using the product the moment one attains the desired length of hair.

Virgin hair growth pills is a product offered by Virgin European Hair that enhances healthy hair growth. According to the company, the products contain ingredients including nettle oil, fragrance, rose extracts, and more. These ingredients are known to act directly on the scalp to enhance health hair growth.

Conflicting Reviews

Some client reviews show that the product might not be effective in enhancing hair growth. However, according to clients who used the product consistently, skipping several days without taking Virgin hair growth pills might interfere with the end results. This could be the case because a good number of buyers are reporting results in less than a month and other long after. If you are one of those that do not see any tangible results please do not hesitate to contact the company directly through Virgin European Hair website. Or make a point of visiting their offices where you will meet skin specialist who will give appropriate guidance.

Possible Side Effects

Some quarters are complaining of side effects. It is clearly stated on the package that initial application may lead to irritation which recedes once you get used to the product. Some dispute this to be a cause of allergic reaction or just a case of pre-existing conditions.

What is essential to know as a potential user is that Virgin hair growth pills does not contain growth hormones. They are 100% plant extracts as indicated on packaging. This is one of the reasons why most manufacturers are not concerned about what that call normal reaction

They Exist in Different Forms

if you are on of those that cannot stand the strong scents and the burning effect of the gel like hair fertilizer, There is a mild shampoo and a pill version that you can try for the same effects. The two versions are considered generally easy to use and adapt to. The bottom line is all Virgin hair growth pills from Virgin Hair are made  from healthy ingredients.

General Warning

In a case of adverse reaction as a result of continued use, it is highly advisable that you stop using it. If you intend to use, please consult your physician.


The final verdict is that Virgin hair growth pills works well if used as directed by the package instructions. Based on the many positive reviews that Virgin European Hair receives regarding this product, it is clear that when used in the right way, the product works well. The reported reactions could just a case of different people with different body types reacting differently to the same prescription.


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