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What is European Virgin hair weave?

European Virgin Hair Weave: The concept


Who does not like a healthy mop of hair? Of course, good and healthy hair can enhance the beauty of your face. However, it is natural for people to lose hair for one reason or another. Hair weaving has become a fashionable alternative to having short hair. There are many kinds of hair weaving techniques. We shall discuss the concept of hair weaving and its advantages.

What is hair weaving?


Hair weaving is a modern method of integrating human hair to the root area of the client’s hair thereby ensuring it grows naturally. The donor of the hair can be the same person too. There are cases where you have third party donors. The hair weaving technique is prevalent all over the world.


The concept


This European Virgin Hair Weave process envisages the use of third party hair on to the scalp area. This company sells processed human hair specially for hair weaving. You can also call it as combing of eternal hair to the areas where there is less hair. This gives the illusion of a fuller and thicker hair. The concept of hair weaving is a simple one. The cosmetic stylists use your own body hair for weaving purposes too. By integrating one’s own hair to the scalp, one can ensure the regrowth of hair in a natural way. The greatest benefit of this technique is that this process can suit all types of hair. It does not matter if you have curly, wavy, or straight hair.

Types of hair weaving


There may be questions about the woven hair falling off. It usually does not happen when an expert is at work. The best way one can weave hair is to sew the hair to an artificial scalp. This is a non-surgical process. The greatest advantage of this European Virgin Hair Weave method is that it is a flexible method. Shampooing, Oiling, and styling the hair after the weaving process is easy. An alternative way of weaving hair is bonding the hair with the hair roots using a special adhesive compound. If performed by an expert, you might not face any problem. There are no side effects of any kind. There are other methods such as tracking, fusion, etc. However, the hair weaving process is the most effective procedure of all. Therefore, this is the most popular method too.

Advantages of hair weaving:


The advantages of hair weaving are numerous. We shall look at some of them in brief.

Styling your hair is easy when you use hair weaving. This is your own hair. Hence, maintaining the hair should not be difficult at all.

The flexibility of the lair weaving is the biggest advantage of the procedure. In case you feel uncomfortable with a certain kind of hairstyle, you can change it, as you would do with your normal hair. You can also opt for removing the weave too under extreme circumstances.

Experimenting with your hair weave is also an attractive option. You can color your hair in the normal way. You can also change the look of your hair from time to time.

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