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The European Virgin curly hair is a rage among the European people


The European Virgin curly hair is a rage among the European people


Have you ever wondered how the Hollywood superstars and celebrities sport beautiful hairstyles every time? The answer is very simple. They use virgin hair extensions and wigs to look beautiful and well groomed. This is the magic of the virgin hair. You have virgin hair of various types. They can range from the straight to the wavy and curly ones. The beauty of virgin hair is that they look great whichever way you wear use them.

People of different ethnicities prefer different kind of hair. The European women prefer to have short and curly hair whereas the Asian women prefer to have long hair. It depends on the individual tastes. We shall see the different characteristics of the various types of hair through the medium of this article. The best part of the virgin hair market is that there is demand for every kind of hair in the world. The European Virgin curly hair is as popular as the straight and long lustrous hair.

The virgin hair distributors procure their quota of virgin hair from various parts of the world such as India, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Italy, etc. The list could be endless. We shall see the characteristics of each type of hair in brief.


Brazilian hair:

A favorite among the people who love to have curly hair extensions, Brazilian hair has become very popular today. The Brazilian hair is short, thick, and curly in nature. You have the Grade A Brazilian hair as straight and silky at the same time. The Grade C Brazilian hair is the favorite of the Afro-American and the Caribbean people. However, the most popular one is the Grade B Brazilian hair.

Indian hair:

The Indian hair is renowned for its length, luster, and straight features. The Indian hair is famous all around the world for its shiny black color. Forming curls is very easy with Indian hair. People who love to have long hair extensions trust the Indian virgin hair.

Eurasian hair:

This is a special type of hair extension. It has the features of both the European and the Asian hair. People loving light colored hairs prefer to have the Eurasian hair extensions. The European virgin curly hair is very famous among the blonde European women.

Malaysian hair:

The Malaysian hair is similar to the Indian hair in many ways. They have the same shiny looks but do not grow as long as the Indian hair does. The Malaysian hair can be a sort of a cousin of the Indian hair. In fact, they have one quality that the Indian hair lacks sometimes. The Malaysian hair does not become frizzy in wet weather.

Mongolian hair:

The Chinese and the Japanese people prefer to have short, coarse hair. They prefer the black color too. Hence, they like to opt for the Mongolian virgin hair. This hair is similar in many types to the Malaysian hair.

You have just seen the various types of virgin hair in the market. Taking care of the hair is very important. You can find tips on hair care at www.virgin-european-hair.com.


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