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Virgin hair

Virgin Hair: Know the basics


Hair weaving is not a new concept anymore. A majority of people in the world are aware of these cosmetic techniques of hair growth. The very word, hair weaving suggests the weaving or sewing of external hair on to the hair roots of the client’s hair to make it appear fuller and thicker. When you use third party hair for weaving purposes, it is natural to expect the external hair to be of good quality. Hence, most of the companies dealing in the hair trading business place great emphasis on virgin hair. We shall see the idea behind the use of virgin hair and its advantages.

What is virgin hair?

The very name, ‘virgin’ suggests something very pure. You can also call it as unprocessed hair. Naturally, for hair to qualify as virgin hair, it should satisfy stringent conditions. Some of the conditions are as follows.

  • There should have been no perming, dyeing, coloring, or even shampooing of hair.
  • The hair should come from a single donor.
  • The hair cuticles should be intact and the hair should run in a single direction.
  • It should not be under the influence of drugs or any kind of medicines.
  • Blow-drying is a strict NO.
  • Naturally, there should not be any tangles in the hair.

Where can you get virgin hair?

Virgin hair can come from any country. However, the hair from South Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, etc has great demand. At the same time, you have great demand for the European and African hair.

The Indian hair is in great demand for its lustrous black color and length. The same applies to the Malaysian hair too.

Exercise care:

Virgin hair requires great maintenance. You should be careful not to blow dry the hair extensively. Of course, you can wash and condition the same as you do to your own hair. One way of drying the hair is to air dry it instead of blow-drying. This is human hair after all. Hence, it can demand the same kind of attention you give to your hair.

Having virgin hair extensions is one of the best ways to improve the overall appearance of the receding hairline. Let us now look at the advantages of virgin hair.

Advantages of Virgin hair:

This is pure unadulterated hair. If you are lucky enough, you could land up with an excellent mop of hair. The hair is unprocessed. Hence, it can be very soft. The best part of the virgin hair is that all the strands come from a single donor. Therefore, you have uniformity. Styling the hair is also very easy. In fact, one can do so in the privacy of our homes. You need not visit a salon for the purpose. Maintaining the hair is also easy.

Disadvantages of virgin hair:

One should know the disadvantages of virgin hair too. The main disadvantage of virgin hair is that it be a bit expensive. If you can afford the same, there is nothing better than having virgin hair.

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