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European virgin hair full lace wig


European virgin hair full lace wig

What is a full lace wig?

European virgin hair full lace wig, “lace front wig”, “hair replacement system” or “unit” is a special type of wig which covers the entire scalp and is tied by hand or a seer lace base. They are called full lace wigs because they can be parted in any way you like and can be pulled up into a high ponytail, braided, put up into a bun, or any type of style you like because they are very flexible and adjustable and can last longer than any other type of hair wig or extensions. Full lace wigs also allow you to choose your own hairline and are one of the most expensive because they are made of real human hair. The lace front wig is secured with glue or tape in the front hairline. There is also lace front wigs that have “baby hair” which will help cover some of the lines that are visible of the lace, once it has been applied it will remain in place for weeks and should be maintained with shampoo and other products.


How many types of wigs are there and what is the difference?

There are three common types of hair full lace wigs which are the following:

  • Lace front wig is designed with lace only in the front of the wig and the remains is designed with regular netted cap or other materials such as thin skin and cannot be worn in high ponytails (is less flexible).
  • The full lace wig is designed with the entire cap being lace as so is the border of the wig. This type of wig allows you to wear your hair up and has an undetectable hairline. A lace frontal is a half-done piece of lace that is designed to only conform to the front border of your head. A frontal works great on women who suffer from thin hair or for those who are looking to add fullness to their front hairline.
  • The lace frontal is secured to the front border of the hairline and the natural hair is worn out or extensions are added.

How long will a full lace wig last?

European virgin hair full lace wigsusually can last you between 3-6 months or even up to a yearlong depending on the care and how much you wear it.


A little secret about wigs

One of the secrets about wearing European virgin hair full lace wigs is to shampoo it. A wig when you purchase it will look nice and shiny which is the first give away to people saying,” hey, look at my new wig.” It’s a giveaway. If you have a synthetic full lace wig you can wash it with dish detergent and condition it with fabric softener. Its fabric, so if you shampoo it with like its real hair you could damage it. Now, if its virgin human hair, use wig shampoo and conditioner and let it hang to dry. If you would like more information or would like to purchase a wig you can go to http://www.virgin-european-hair.com/.





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