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Virgin Hair Tape-in Extension Basics


Virgin Hair Tape-in Extension Basics


Are you new to hair extensions? I will give you the 411 of Tape-in Virgin hair extensions.

Virgin hair extensions are made of real human hair and are connected to existing hair to add thickness and volume to your natural hair. There are many ways to attach hair extensions, Tape-in virgin hair extensions is just one of the newest methods to add that extra length. Tape-ins have become very popular due to the time it takes to install them (1 hour).


Virgin hair attachments

The attachment points in the tape-in extensions are smoothly continuous and guarantee not to cause your natural hair any damage. Tape-in extensions come in 18 inches and 22inches long. Tape-ins come in wefts that are 1.5 inches wide and there are 10 wefts in each package and each weft is pre-bonded with an individual adhesive designed for use of hair. Generally, a full head of tape-in virgin hair extensions will require 3-5 packs of hair tape-ins.


Adding tape-ins to your scalp

It is highly advised to go to a professional salon to your your tape-ins added. When adding the tape-ins to your scalp you, the stylist will pull off the protective adhesive strip on the tape-in and begin pressing the adhesive strip tight near the scalp area. Then another extension hair weft is set underneath the first hair weft interjecting the hair among the two wefts. This type of technique will keep your hair and the hair extension intact and in place. The adhesive is solidly stable and is safe to use on hair.


Continuing tape-in process

These wefts are connected row by row working up the head toward the crown area and can also be added to the sides of the head.


Final touches

Once you have finished placing all the tape-ins the bonds will lie entirely flat against the head and are camouflaged by the upper layers to give the attachment extensions an invisible and smooth look. After all the wefts are placed, the stylist will blend and style the hair to give the extension an all-natural look.


After care

Tape-in virgin hair extensions can last 2-4months. While you continue to wear the tape-in extensions your hair will continue to grow as it usually does. As your naturalhair continues to grow, the tape-in will keep moving more and more away from the scalp. It is important to visit your stylist every few weeks so they can adjust the wefts and move them closer to the scalp.

Detaching tape-in virgin hair extensions is easy with the Tape-in Bond Remover. This is an oil based solution that helps breakdown the adhesive so the bonds become loose. After a few seconds from having applied the oil solution you can remove and slide the Tape-ins right off.


Newly developed Tape-ins

Virgin European tape-in extension collection features are 100% pure human hair and premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is safe, firm, and non-damaging to the scalp. The newly developed virgin hair tape-in weft collections are made with brand-new anti-shedding technology that which allows the hair to be reapplied up to 3-4 applications.


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