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How to Installing hair extensions


How to Installing hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions are the solution you’ve been waiting for!


Although anyone can attach virgin hair extensions, it is highly recommended they be installed by a licensed hair salonprofessional. To avoid a bad experience with hair extensions and to protect your assets do not attempt to do it yourself. Some of us seem like we are damned with hair that can’t seem to grow our hair past our shoulders no matter how much biotin we devour. Then there are some of us that have colored our hair so many times that we have permanently damaged our hair or we tend to flatten it so much that it’s to the point of breakage. To add more pain to the injury, we browse the web and see all these ladies with their beautiful shiny long hair.


Hair extensions is your solution

Hair extensions seem to be the perfect alternative to looking like those beautiful girls with that beautiful shiny and sexy looking hair. But choosing the perfect hair extension for your type of lifestyle can be a little tricky. Hair extensions can get a bad rep especially when the clips are slightly peeking out of the scalp, or the color doesn’t match the the rest of your hair, or the length including you own natural hair length are all a different length size. This will make your extensions look cheap, obvious and fake. But thanks to the newest innovations that are available now, you can purchase high quality and natural looking virgin hair extensions that are guaranteed to be 100% all natural hair.


Should I opt for hair extensions?

Even though you might be tempted to walk into any hair salon and purchase a clip-in from the rack, don’t do it.  You are better off going to a professional salon that offers 100% virgin hair extensions.


Types of Virgin hair extension


  • Clip-in virgin hair extensionswill run you approximately $250 for a full set. These virgin hair extensions are great to use for an event such as a wedding, reunion, or party. Clip-ins can be styled with a flat iron or curling iron and can be taken out the same day.


  • Tape-in virgin hair extensions

    will run you $250 for a full setand are interconnected between two pieces of bio-adhesive tape that can last between 6-8 weeks. It is suggested to use sulfate-free formulashampoo and keep from using conditioner in the roots – this can cause the tape to loosen. If you are one of those individuals that tends to hit the gym, make sure you add dry shampoo to soak up the moisture and avoid loosening up the tape.


  • Keratin virgin hair extensions

    are one of the most expensive in the bunch and will run you $850 for a full set. This type of extension can last you 3-4 months. These virgin hair extensions are applied with an ultrasound technology that turns the Keratin(glue) that turns solid to liquid and back to solid in a matter of seconds. This procedure will take approximately two hours and is a great option for women that like to work out, wear their hair up, and swim.


Final tips

The key to lengthen the life of your extensions is keeping them from tangling. To keep your extensions from tangling you should: make a loose braid when going to bed, spray some leave-in conditioner, and use a blow dryer.





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