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How to choose your virgin hair extension



How to choose your virgin hair extension




European virgin hair extensions

“You get what you pay for,” price varies depending on the quality and quantity of hair you are looking to purchase.Virgin (never been processed) Remy Hair is one of the best, highly priced and of the upmost of quality European hair extensions you will find.



How to choose the perfect virgin hair extension

There are many types of hair extensions (Brazilian Virgin Hair, Peruvian Virgin Hair, Malaysian Virgin Hair, Indian Virgin Hair, European Virgin Hair, Cambodian Virgin Hair, Burmese Virgin Hair, and Mongolian Virgin Hair) you can choose from but not all of them will work for you. To get the right hair extension you will need to ponder your resources, lifestyle, how often do you plan on using it, and what type of hair you have.


The top3 methods of hair extensions




Tape method

The tape method is the semi-long lasting for up to weeks and is less damaging to your hair as it is not firmly attached to the roots of your real hair. The tape method can be pricey but it’s one of the methods that is less time consuming and is one of the easiest methods you can learn how to do yourself or have a friend help you. The disadvantages of this type of method that you might not be able to wash your hair daily – every time you wash your hair this type of extension procedure tends to loosen up. For women who tend to go to the gym often or sweat a lot it is recommended to try a different method.



Glue in method

The glue in method is more of a permanent type of method where you are applying the extension to the roots of your hair. It is highly recommended if you choose this type of method, to get it done by a professional. Glue-ins will last for up to 30 days and require touch ups every month to keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. This type of procedure can be slightly pricey to upkeep as you might need to redo the extensions every now and then, but it’s worth it if you would rather have a professional do it right. It is high recommended for women with thin hair to opt for a different hair extension procedure. The glue in type of procedure in thin hair may cause the hair to strain and lead to hair loss.



Clip in method

The clip in method can be used for everyday purpose. If you have never used clip in hair extensions, it might take some getting used to. Some time and patience might be required to learn how to attach the clip extension to your natural hair to blend to perfection. But the more you use the clip ins the more practice you will have and before you know it you will become an expert in the clip in method. It only takes a few minutes to clip them on to blend in with your hair, and the best thing about clip ins is you can remove them any time you like (going to the gym, before bed, taking a shower).


Choosing the right method is up to you because you know your own hair, and for women who have never purchased extensions and are baffled over the variety of color, styles and hair go to www.virgin-european-hair.com.



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